Raley's - 50% off 30-day passes

Raley's - 50% off 30-day passes

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Enjoy a special offer for the Raley's Team only: Half Off 30-Day passes

Wash your car as many times as you want with in 30 days. Choose from the following packages.

  • Best/ Lucky Duck Special: Includes EVERYTHING! Lucky Duck Shield- Clean*Shine*Seal
  • Protect/Better: Shine/Good wash plus...Citrus Super Foam Duck Bath,Weather-X All Surface Protection and Quick Wax with Carnauba.
  • Shine/Good: Basic wash plus... Triple Foam Polish, Wheel Bright and Rain Repellant, Undercarriage Wash with Rust inhibitor, Carnauba Shine Duck Wash & Extreme Tire Shine.

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